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Best Homeopathic Doctor, Consultant, Clinic Meerut

Homeopathy, an almost 250-year-old medicinal approach, is based on the idea that "like cures like"; a disease is treated with a chemical that may cause comparable symptoms in a healthy individual. However, medicines are given in much diluted amounts, making them incredibly safe and free of adverse effects.

It is a holistic method of treatment. It seeks to treat the individual as a whole, not just their physical problems.

To develop a comprehensive picture of you as a person, the homeopath will inquire about your disease and how environmental elements such as temperature and weather impact you, the types of food you consume or avoid, your emotions and sentiments, and your medical history. This information is then correlated with the description of your present symptoms to prescribe the appropriate medication in the proper dosage.

Dr. Vivek's Journey

Practicing Homeopathy Since 2007

Best Homeopathic Doctor, Consultant, Clinic Meerut

Dr. Vivek Kumar is a consultant sr. homeopathy doctor practicing since 2007 with rich clinical experience. He has a flourishing practice with 2 clinics in Modipuram & Meerut, Delhi NCR, India. Patients also consult him online from other parts of India as well as abroad.


Best Homeopathic Doctor, Consultant, Clinic Meerut

Dr.Vivek Kumar has done his B.H.M.S (Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) in the year 2006 and has been practicing successfully since then. His father, Dr. Iqbal Singh is a renowned veterinarian homeopathic physician working for the State Government Scheme. Dr. Vivek started his practice along with his father and has been running Homeothics for the last 15 years.


Best Homeopathic Doctor, Consultant, Clinic Meerut

Homeopathy is known to treat diseases from its root which might take a long time. Dr. Vivek Kumar's aim is to heal his patients in the minimum possible time, as he understands that in this modern era with the ever changing trends in lifestyle, time is the most important. Hence he has developed advanced method of treating patients for their suffering, while maintaining the best results of homeopathy.

Dr. Vivek Kumar has changed the old method of practice of noting details to get the whole picture of the patient’s sufferings for hours together with insignificant questions. He has developed a method ‘advanced homeopathy prescription’, which refers that a medical diagnosis of the case is made and is supported by the required investigations and then treated according to the diagnosis. This method has saved the patients and the doctors from losing their valvuable time.

Dr Vivek Kumar Best homeopathy doctor/consultant meerut

Dr. Vivek

Sr. Homeopath

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Consultation Charges

Best Homeopathic Doctor, Consultant, Clinic Meerut

For Online Patient consultancy & fix appointment on whatsapp at 7500738000
Make Payment of Consultancy Charge (Rs. 500/- for one time registration) through - Paytm/Google Pay/PhonePe Transfer at 7500738000
Our Details for upi are: 7500738000@upi

Our Medicinal Charges : Rs 3000/-per month for New & Review Cases for consultation & Remedies.

Please note that we can update details about your fund transfer in our records only on receipt of the transaction reference number, which you will have to intimate us by whatsapp or sms as soon as you make the fund transfer. While making UPI/bank to bank transfer please ensure that your write your name & your clinic Registration No. in the payment page so that we could track your transaction in our bank records otherwise we will not be able to trace your transaction. Whenever you complete your payment, please e-mail or whatsapp us the screen shot or copy of the successful transaction details to homeothics@gmail.com.

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Best Homeopathic Doctor, Consultant, Clinic Meerut

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